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Friday, 2 May 2014

ASCII Art Cartoons, celebrating 500 YouTube Subscribers

Celebrating one year and 500 subscribers on YouTube, here are some ASCII animations. Thanks to all of you for watching my videos!
ASCII art is the art of creating graphics using only text characters. It is not just an out-dated technique from the times of text-based computer monitors and communication, but a great way to produce animations with little effort. Be it a simple GIF animation as shown on the left, or a more complex cartoon as in the video below.

ASCII Art Cartoon. View in HD for best quality!

For me, it's major advantage is that you are restricted to simple basic shapes. So you have to keep it minimal, and don't get lost in details. It is amazing what is possible with just a few text characters.
As originally intended, it is of course possible to present static ASCII art as text rather than as images. Furthermore, one can present ASCII animations using JavaScript. Below you see an example with 17 frames, generated using JavE 6.

Some cartoon characters in ASCII art, animated using JavaScript.

Yours sincerely,
Turnvater Janosch

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